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4 Tips for Working at Home More Permanently Skip to main content

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4 Tips for Working at Home More Permanently

Thu Aug 13, 2020 | Lasers Resource

Man working on desktop monitor from home

“Companies shifted almost their entire workforce to remote work as the virus spread in the US and 73% of executives say it was a success.” (PwC’s US Remote Work Survey—June, 2020).

 Whether you plan to work remotely full-time or a few days a week moving forward, it’s important to keep a consistent schedule and a comfortable, productive space at home. We all thought the pandemic would be over by now, but, here we are. The way we work is shifting and now that we understand that remote/flex work is our reality, we need to settle in and have our workspaces and routines reflect that. 

Here are 4 tips for working more comfortably and effectively at home (on a more permanent basis).

1. Choose your space wisely. 

Do you have a dedicated office space in your home? Not everyone has access to a room with a door they can close, but, everyone who is working from home should try and section off an area where they can comfortably work with limited distractions. You should also: 

  • Invest in an external mouse and keyboard (for proper ergonomic positioning)
  • Take regular breaks. Grab a coffee/tea or go for a walk every once in a while. This will help alleviate stress and support your physical health. Without that office comradery that we are all so used to, we often forget about this important part of our workday.
  • Use your computer microphone instead of your headset/headphones whenever possible, this will make you more comfortable.

2. A productive routine goes a long way.

In order to maintain productivity when working from home, you should try to either start or end your day by making a plan; just as you would regularly do when working at the office. You should also stick to a routine so that even on those rainy days when you’re feeling a little less motivated, you can easily get into a flow. Other tips for maximizing productivity in your home office workspace:

  • Use two monitor displays so you don’t have to go back and forth between tabs all day. 
  • When using Wi-Fi, you should think about your distance from the router. If you’re having trouble connecting on video calls, you might want to move the router closer to you.

Man using double monitors at work

3. Keep security top of mind. 

In order to keep your company and personal information secure, you should follow these tips when working from home: 

  • Disable, unplug or cover up your webcam when you are not using it. 
  • Contact your IT team if you run into problems or notice any suspicious activity. 
  • DO NOT click on any email links unless you are confident that they are safe. 
  • Connect only to trusted Wi-Fi networks and make sure your own Wi-Fi is password protected as well.
  • Avoid personal browsing, banking, etc. on your work computer.

4. Personal connections can and should still exist.  

Woman on a video call while working remotely

Maintaining personal connections with colleagues when working from home is not only possible, but it is recommended. Try and take some time out of every week to talk to colleagues about non-work related things (“water cooler” discussions are still possible from home). Here are some other ways you can foster connections:

  • Jump on camera when you attend virtual meetings. This can also help alleviate miscommunication (when you can see someone's facial reaction, it can make a world of difference). 
  • When in meetings, try to minimize multitasking. Stay present and be part of the conversation—especially if you are on camera. 
  • A phone call can be much more effective (and often quicker) than an email or written message. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone.

    These are just a few ways you can help yourself work effectively at home. If you’re looking to purchase an at-home printer, need some advice on working securely from home, or are looking for better solutions for remote workers (think: document workflow or AccuRoute Mobile Capture), feel free to reach out.

    We’re here to help.




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