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We Built a New e-Commerce Website for You. Here's How We Can Save You Time and Money.

Thu Nov 14, 2019 | Lasers Resource

Everyone needs more time. Unfortunately, it's the one thing you can’t have, no matter how hard you try. However, if you can spend less time doing mundane things at work, it frees up time to focus on more important tasks. It’s the next best thing to a time machine. At...

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How to Tell if Your Printer or Copier has a Hard Drive

Fri May 10, 2019 | Lasers Resource

A question we get asked often is “Does my printer/copier have a hard drive?”. This is a great question to ask and even THE question to ask especially when you are disposing of a device from your office. Copier hard drives can hold all sorts of information on them, print...

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What is: PaperCut

Wed Apr 17, 2019 | Lasers Resource

What is PaperCut? It could be a term used to describe the slice a piece of paper makes across your fingertip, just for added pain, but for this post, it means something different. PaperCut is a print solution that comes with many benefits. The main thing it can help your business with...

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Off Brand Clone Toner Cartridges - What Are They and The Dangers They Bring

Wed Mar 06, 2019 | Lasers Resource

Your copier ran out of toner again, time to go buy a new one. You get to the store and find all the options for your device. One has the logo of your copier on it and one has a logo you’ve never seen before. The new company’s cartridge is...

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The Difference Between Inkjet and Laser - Ink and Toner

Tue Jan 22, 2019 | Lasers Resource

  Many people know the workings of an ink printer. You put ink cartridges into the machine and then a print head moves back and forth over the page as it slowly inches its way out of the machine. Is that really all there is to an ink printer though...

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