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4 Things to Think About Before Buying a Printer for Remote Employees

Wed Jul 29, 2020 | Lasers Resource

Are you considering transitioning to a more flexible workforce? Perhaps you’ll have a mix of in-office and remote employees, compressed or reduced work weeks, or even offer flex time.  This new structure is growing in popularity for many reasons. With a more flexible working environment and schedule, companies can gain...

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3 Pro Tips for Flagging Harmful Phishing Emails

Thu Jul 16, 2020 | Lasers Resource

Phishing: noun“The practice of using fraudulent e-mails and copies of legitimate websites to extract financial data from computer users for purposes of identify theft.” (    88% of organizations worldwide dealt with phishing attacks in 2019, according to Proofpoint. Over the years, these attacks have become significantly more personal and...

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A Simple, Secure & Flexible Solution for Your Remote Team

Mon Jul 06, 2020 | Lasers Resource

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, 5 million people (3.6% of the U.S. employee workforce) were already working remotely at least half of the time according to Global Workplace Analytics’ analysis of 2018 American Community Service (ACS) data. That number has undoubtedly increased during the pandemic, but the question is: how many...

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4 Steps to Increase Your Print Security

Wed Jun 17, 2020 | Lasers Resource

Think cybercrime isn’t likely to impact your company? Think again. More than $3.5 billion dollars were reportedly lost in the US in 2019 due to cybercrime attacks. Many of these reports were submitted by businesses. We urge you not to be one of them. Here are 4 simple steps to increase...

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3 Printer Maintenance Tips for Your First Week Back to Work

Tue Jun 02, 2020 | Lasers Resource

While you and your team have been away from the office, your in-house technology has been sitting there, stagnant, untouched and not used to being left in that state of “non-use” for so long. As you head back to the office in the coming weeks, you should expect and plan...

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