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Technology is critical for businesses, especially during COVID-19.

We're here to help businesses where they need it most.

Introducing the Temperature Verification Kiosk.

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HP's financial services can help your business.

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Working from home? We have a solution that can take care of secure digitization for you.

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View our policy responses to COVID-19 here.

Manage your business, not your printers.

One thing you can’t make more of is time. You can, however, spend less time managing your printers.

As an HP Premier Partner, we offer a full stack of solutions to give employees, IT depts, and business owners more time.

Here’s our proven formula:

We’ve been managing our customers’ print for almost 30 years.
While there is no solution that works for everyone, everyone needs more time.

How do we do this?

Meet our stack of print solutions.

What our Clients are Saying

  • This partnership goes well beyond simple maintenance... providing us with proactive solutions... automatic toner replenishment, printing management software, and the email notification system.

    - Chad Warner, Louis Padnos Iron & Metal

  • ...a company that is customer service directed with friendly & knowledgeable employees who care about your business & who carry quality products... I highly recommend Lasers Resource 100% of the time!

    - Pamela Casteel, Travis-Pedersen & Associates

  • Just wanted to shoot a quick note to say how grateful we are to how your service team takes care of us. We had an issue on Thursday and a tech came out (within 4 hours) and was able to see what the problem was. Though not able to fix it that day, he ordered the part and then brought us a loaner finisher so we can continue to work while he works on our finisher. This is such a huge help for us!! Way to go above and beyond!!

    - Sarah Blocher, Calvary Baptist Church

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